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Cringe worthy pick-up lines


07 Oct Cringe worthy pick-up lines

Just no, I mean seriously just no. That can be the top on the list of cringe line one can say. It can make you want to send the other person to hell because you just cannot bear the pain of hearing this line. It can still be made super bad if your next line is because it looks like you landed on your face. Again, just No!

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice

That sounds offensive to the polar bear of course. In addition, you do not intend to make the polar bear angry. What if you pose a query to a stranger asking him as to how much a polar bear weigh only to get the response: “I have no idea, maybe some 500 kgs”. It will bring you awkwardness and embarrassment if nothing else. Moreover, no one wants that.

Hey but with so many e-letters

This is the smallest pickup line you can say with weird face expression but this small is so strong that it can get you a slap easily. Therefore, you might want to bury this pickup line in some grave with all of your other cringe worthy lines.

People can be so weird sometimes that it makes you cringe. I think that the great secret to avoid this awkward time is that every other person should just leave this pickup line thing behind. Like so behind, that you can never see it.

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